You're early. PurpleSwap is coming soon.

PurpleSwap DDEX

Efficient On-Chain Derivatives, for crypto & legacy assets.

PurpleSwap DDEX allows investors to take long or short swap positions, and transact at forward-starting market-on-close prices. LPs receive portfolio margining, and earn their income via funding rates and closing fees. Interactions are minimized to reduce costs & complexity, and unexpected forced liquidations are eliminated.

Native token + social NFTs

Flexible, long-term incentives.

Long term protocol growth needs long term community incentives. Our unique ecosystem combines a native token with community NFTs, allowing flexible rewards for social & community growth programs, without diluting the core protocol token. 

Social NFTs are not investment products or securities, and provide a meaningful way for users across jurisdictions to engage with the PurpleSwap community. 

Community to the core.

We’re on a mission to bring crypto to the next generation of traders, hodlers, & builders. PurpleSwap a full breadth of community engagement channels to enrich our ecosystem.

  • Rewards for “soft contributions”
  • Research & Trading competitions
  • Social leaderboards
  • IRL events
  • Modular DAO governance